Services: Decks & Fences

At Vitality Landscaping we have experience in building many types of decks, fences, ramps, landings, foot paths, verandas, and balconies. Decks and fences need little maintenance and provide an elegant, natural look to your landscape. Decks are ideal for leveling an uneven piece of land and perfect for homes with an elevated backdoor. There are a variety of different materials (woods and composites) and designs that can be used in building and designing your deck and fence. At Vitality Landscaping, we go the extra mile by providing a variety of customized details in our wood work. Make sure to contact Vitality Landscaping for your deck and fence quotes.


Vitality Landscaping has a team of professionals dedicated to servicing Ottawa and the surrounding area. We construct and service residential and commercial properties to build and maintain attractive and functional landscapes. Call or email for a free estimate.



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