Services: Lawns & Gardens

There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy lawn that ties all your landscape features together. A healthy lawn can reduce land degradation and erosion through a strong root system. It acts as a natural filter for pollutants and is a great place to enjoy a picnic or play with the kids. There are many ways of establishing a healthy lawn. For those who want immediate gratification, Vitality Landscaping uses sod laid over a good layer of topsoil. We also plant grass seed if seeding is your preference. We can also work with your existing lawn to bring it back to life through top dressing, weeding, or aeration.

Gardens are visually appealing focal points of your property. They provide warmth to your landscape and can be used to reduce stress and enrich your life. A well designed and constructed garden will complement the other features of your yard. The staff at Vitality Landscaping will work with you to design those perfect gardens for your home. Maintaining a beautiful garden requires effort. If you are looking for a low maintenance garden we can also suggest and install varieties of shrubs, grasses and trees, as well as different mulches that can save you time on garden upkeep.


Vitality Landscaping has a team of professionals dedicated to servicing Ottawa and the surrounding area. We construct and service residential and commercial properties to build and maintain attractive and functional landscapes. Call or email for a free estimate.



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