Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is the workmanship of Vitality Landscaping guaranteed?

A: Yes, we guarantee all workmanship for 2 years on anything constructed out of brick, wood or composite material.

Q: Why hire a professional landscaper?

A: Having the job prepared and completed correctly by a professional, saves you money on costly repairs in the future. A professionally landscaped home not only provides impressive curb appeal, but also increases the value of the house. For your commercial property, creating a welcoming landscape will draw people into your business and increase your sales. Vitality Landscaping uses the proper materials, equipment and techniques and focuses on getting the job completed efficiently and on time. We will work with you to design your landscape the way you envision it.

Q: Is the foundation of my landscape project important?

A: Yes, the foundation is vital to a long lasting construction project. For interlock, the type of stone used for your base and the depth to which to dig are very important, and differ depending on the use and area of town you are located. For decks and fences, the footing depth, size and integrity are very important. The installation of a proper foundation will save you costly repairs over time.

Q: When planning a deck, what should I consider?

A: Homeowner deck checklist:

  • Function of deck
  • Shape of deck
  • Size of deck
  • Location and size of stairs
  • Direction of decking boards
  • Type of wood:
    • Pressure treated
    • Cedar (Red vs. white)
    • Composite
  • Railings:
    • Style
    • Material

Q: What can I do to prevent water damage to my foundation?

A: At Vitality Landscaping we make sure that your landscape is not only beautiful but practical as well. We implement the correct techniques when it comes to water drainage, as to protect your house from costly foundation repairs.

Q: What are some important aspects of planning a garden?

  • Location: different plants require different needs.
  • Spacing between plants: The amount of spacing between plants and shrubs depends on whether you are looking for an immediately full garden or one which will grow to fill out. If you are planting to get an “instant garden” you will likely have to remove some plants after a period of time or the garden will look overgrown.
  • Colour scheme: In order to provide a nice flow to the garden it is important to consider the colour of your garden during each season.
  • Arrangement: it is also important to have knowledge about the height of the plants when designing a garden.

Vitality Landscaping encourages you to add a little vitality to your landscape. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to transform your property. No matter the magnitude of your project, we want to help make your vision a reality. Make the choice to transform your home into a place you are happy to call your own. Contact us for an estimate today!


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