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Interlock can improve and brighten up a patio, poolside, walkway, driveway, or set of stairs, and... Read more

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are designed to maintain and stabilize earth and rock and to stop the erosion of soil on steep landscapes... Read more

Natural Stone Features

Natural stone features include everything from armour stone to flagstone. Read more

Decks & Fences

At Vitality Landscaping we have experience in building many types of decks, fences, ramps, landings, foot paths... Read more

Lawns & Gardens

Gardens are visually appealing focal points of your property... Read more

Water Features

Ponds, waterfalls, bubblers and other water features create a calm soothing atmosphere... Read more


Vitality Landscaping is experienced in site development. Whether you are looking for... Read more

Septic Systems

Vitality has a wide variety of machinery and trained resources for installation of Septic systems... Read more

Property Maintenance

If the thought of looking after your property worries you, we can help. Read more

Machinery Rentals w Operator

Vitality Landscaping’s rental division is well equipped and has a variety of equipment available with operator. Read more


Vitality Landscaping has a team of professionals dedicated to servicing Ottawa and the surrounding area. We construct and service residential and commercial properties to build and maintain attractive and functional landscapes. Call or email for a free estimate.



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